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Tap Forms Crack helps you organize all kind of things in one place secure, searchable and accessible on your Mac. Tap Forms Patch not only can you use and customize the built in template but you can create your own forms for inputting and kind of information, even if that information induces pictures, doodles, audio recording, calculations, file attachments, rating or even links to other forms. This makes it almost like building your very own customization app.

Tap Forms License Key has been in the works since I released Tap Forms. One of the most requested features was to bring back iCloud sync. So that’s what I’ve done. Using Apple’s CloudKit services. Tap Forms Patch allows you to sync your documents between your devices using your iCloud account. Tap Forms greatly improved voice over support. Touch bar support for Mac Book Pro. All new formula editor screen for Calculation fields. Formulas can now reference fields from related parent and child linked forms. You can now use text field in the IF Empty and IF Not Empty functions in your formulas.

Tap Forms Crack Latest Version Free Download

Tap Forms License Key comes with iCloud support which means that you will be able to keep all your devices in sync and have the information available on the go. In addition, Tap Forms comes with powerful search capabilities and enables you to quickly set up Saved search Rules that will help you filter the data using different criteria. Tap Forms Free is able to store different types of data, such as link to forms, file attachments, email address, GPS details, contact info and phone numbers, text strings, date, time, numbers, rating, URLs, Check marks, notes, photos, drawings, section heading and calculations. To facilities the data input, Tap Forms comes with over built in forms designed to handle audio dictation, daily journals, health insurance details, homework assignments, bank accounts and much more.

Key Features:

  • Layout designer for creating custom form layouts
  • Sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac
  • Lightning fast search
  • Share from templates with friends, family and co workers
  • Import and export standard text, CSV and others files


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